Over this last year we've developed a set of guiding principles:

1. We support small businesses

BaB Course tutors are small business owners.  We work with our tutors to develop courses which are of interest and demand by parents and help to promote the skills and business of the tutor.  We will always promote the business along side the course.

2. We value time and skills

We pay our BaB Course tutors an hourly teaching rate and hourly rate for prep time.  We are open and transparent with the tutor on the cost of the course to help set a reasonable class rate.  We value our tutor’s time and we recognise the worth of their skills.

3. We have the best play workers

We pay our play workers a minimum of £12.50 an hour - well above the going rate.  Interesting, vibrant people who focus 100% on entertaining and supporting the children on BaB Courses are at the heart of our success.

4. We believe in flexible working

All our classes will be at a time within the school day.  We will always leave time for drop offs and pick-ups.  This includes set up and clear up time for our tutors and play workers as well as for the parents attending the classes.

5. We recognise you as an adult as well as a parent

You won’t be called ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’ in a class by anyone but your own child.  Our aim is that you learn a new skill for yourself and are able to do this because we support you and your children.

6.  We believe in support not separation

We recognise that you can attend any class elsewhere without your children.  We work to ensure that your children are excited and entertained in class, but we will never be a barrier between you.  When children want their parent they are free to reach for you.  Our classes are timed to accommodate the odd distraction and everyone is in the same boat.  You will never be asked to leave a class if your child is distressed.


7.  We put people before profit

We will go ahead with a course even if the number of bookings hasn’t reached a profitable point.  We don’t want to disappoint those that have booked on or take away the opportunities of a wage for our tutor and play workers.  We will only cancel a course if the number of bookings leaves the course at a significant loss.

Bring a Baby. Courses for Adults.

BaB Courses are lessons aimed at parents or carers where we cater for our student's children being in class with them. We're reaching our first year birthday and have learnt some fantastic lessons along the way.

We aim to provide courses in everything from arts & crafts to languages and photography.  Lessons are carefully planned and structured to take into consideration that our students also have a child with them.  Classes are  kept small and in every class our experienced play workers are present to focus on the children while you learn. Everyone has their child with them so everyone works at the same pace.

Helen Wall


When I had my first child I went to lots of mum and baby groups.  They were fantastic and I made some life long friends.  But when baby number 2 arrived I felt I wanted more.  That's when I thought up BaB Courses.  The opportunity to learn something new, meet other parents interested in the same things without the worry of childcare. 

My hope is that BaB Courses helps you get a real sense of self satisfaction learning a new skill, meet like minded friends and not be plagued by any guilt because your children will be having loads of fun too!