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April 27, 2017


"Are we doomed to a life of nothing more intellectual than soft play?"


That is an actual  quote from a mum turned away from a tour she had paid for simply because she had her baby with her. Apparently children prevent you using your brain.


But hold on, remember before you had the baby?  When you imagined maternity leave was the time you'd write that book, start a new business, learn a new language, change career... What happened?


I've decided to go on the theory that parents don't need to be separated from their children to access the ambitious part of their brain. They just need some support.  


BaB Courses don't provide childcare, or a crèche - we provide the support.  In each class there is a minimum of one childcare practitioner to help entertain the children (1:5).  So while the adults are learning the children play with toys, listen to stories, draw, squish play dough into the carpet...  they're having fun.  They're in the same room with their parents and often go over to them for hugs, snacks -  whatever they need...


Some children sit quietly on their parent's lap the whole lesson, others run around demanding that, "that crocodile be put in jail!"  Some babies sleep the entire class, some need to be jiggled and held the whole time (how do they know when you sit down!)  All the children are different, but all the parents are in the same position.  It makes for a really supportive atmosphere.


Growing classes


5 adults and their children booked onto the Creative Family Photography Course.  We had capacity for 8 adults but were delighted with 5 considering no one had heard of BaB Courses 3 weeks before the course started.  Note to self - give a little extra time for promotion...


We've just started bookings for the first silver jewellery workshop for parents and will be opening bookings within a week or two for:

  • Spanish course - where you can get ready for your holiday as a family, learning phrases you'll need whilst away together. Older children will learn alongside you and younger ones will have a blast with all the activities.

  • Mindfulness course - where you can learn and practice the basics of the method of thinking known as mindfulness.  Again older children will learn alongside you (great for tweenagers!) and younger ones will be having fun.  Our tutor specialises in teaching mindfulness to children, so she's keen on teaching parents in a situation where their children are present, rather than the false environment of a quiet space...

  • Children's Illustration course - where you learn to develop and draw the same character in different situations.  This is perfect to bring school age children to as they will enjoy drawing their own characters.  Together you illustrate a story which will be professionally printed and posted to you - all included in the cost of the course.  If your child can make doodles they can contribute to your book and while you're learning they can be enjoying all the activities with the childcare practitioner.

  • Knitting course - perfect for beginners, this course will teach you a number of stiches and you should have a beautiful item at the end.  All materials supplied and you're children entertained whilst you're learning.

  • Reconnecting to Music course - a great way to get back into playing an instrument.  If you've kept that instrument in the loft but can't remember all the fingering and how to read music this is a great way to get back into the joy of playing.  Yes, there will be percussion instruments for those children too!


I'm excited that tutors are also in the early stages preparing for:

  • HTML Coding for Wordpress - web development course

  • Cake decoration workshop

  • Forest school workshop


Parents have asked for yoga, Pilates, accountancy, book keeping and threading.  Get in touch if you can help...



Does this work for you?  What would you change, does anything worry you?  What's going to make you book?  If there is a topic you're interested in - I bet I can set it up.  This and other answers on a postcard...



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