Love the child support

"The BAB team have something unique and wonderful - being able to take children along and have them entertained and cared for without having to worry about leaving them was really refreshing. Especially for those with young babies. The children were always welcome to approach us if they needed to but generally didn't as they were having so much fun and we got to focus on the course." Crystal 2018


"The best part was my 11-week old baby (that was how old he was when he started!) was excellently taken care of." Cigdem 2018


"I think the best part was knowing that my little one was in the same room in safe hands and could come to me when she wanted." Jess 2017


“It was really good to be able to concentrate on the course knowing that my child was happily engaged but able to come to me if he needed me.” Julie 2017

Love the 'me time'

"Being supported by the childcare team to bring my 3 month old baby and absorb myself in something creative for an hour and a half was wonderful."  Sarah 2018


"I didn't think I would be able to do anything until my children were in education. So I was pleasantly surprised to come across the Bring a Baby company. They ran a course I wanted to attend, while providing child care assistance. I had the security of having my baby in the room with me while learning, but the comfort of having someone watching over my baby so I could concentrate on learning, and if at any point my little one needed me, I was there for him."  Stephanie 2017

"Being able to do something for me whilst not feeling guilty about it because my 2 year old was having just as much fun!" Rachel 2017

“The BaB hand embroidery course is a fantastic way of getting some "me" time without feeling guilty.  My two- year old daughter was so entertained every week by the amazing playworkers and got occupied while I got on with the embroidery.” Yomna 2018

"What a treat to be able to do something for myself learning a new skill whilst my baby is with me in the same room having fun too such a truly brilliant idea!" Julia 2018


Love using that 'baby brain'

“The trainer was great and helped to break down the key topics in helpful notes and examples. She also offered great practical tips for family photography. I loved the mix of theory and practical and the encouragement to share photos with the group outside of classes to keep momentum. I certainly feel more confident and am really pleased with the difference in photographs already.”  Debbie 2018


“I really enjoyed the 6 week photography course and have definitely improved my understanding of my camera and picked up tips to take better pictures” Jess 2017


“It was so much fun to finally learn what my camera is capable of. I use my camera more confidently now.”  Cigdem 2018

“I’ve just finished the embroidery course which was amazing. I’ve been working on sewing a picture my 5 year drew and am really proud of the final product...Sam is a fantastic teacher; so friendly and patient especially when I stopped to feed or cuddle my daughter.” Sarah 2018


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