Parents Yoga

Starts Sat 13th Jan 2018

5 week course

11a.m. - 12p.m

Harrow College, HA1 3AQ


Struggling to find the time for exercise? This is a unique yoga course for parents to get back into exercise without having to leave their children at home.  

Vaani runs Yoga Bunnies and has developed this special Saturday morning class which focuses on you the adult, but incorporates your children. If they are old enough and interested they join in.  Babies are very welcome too!


Because the focus is on you and there are play workers in the room to support and entertain the children it doesn't matter if you child isn't in the mood for a downward dog.  

Its a positive experience for your children to join you and watch you take your health seriously through exercise.  Our play workers will have lots of games and activities planned for the children according to their age.

Our moto is to support not separate.  This means if your child needs you there are no barriers.  If they are upset give them a cuddle or if they need a feed - no problem.  All your fellow students will have their children with them too so everyone is on the same page.