Frequently asked Questions

 01  Is there childcare?

No.  Classes will have an experienced childcare practitioner there, but they are an extra pair of hands. In advance they plan activities to suit the nature of your class.   You are still responsible for your child.  The childcare practitioner will help entertain but you will not be separated from your child.  Older children may like to join in the class too and the tutor's will know in advance if you are bringing an older child so will know to cater for them too.

We aim to have a ratio of 1:5 for childcare practitioners and younger children.  Older children may not be included in this ratio depending on that specific class.

 02  What if my baby is hungry or crying?

If your child is hungry - feed them! BaB Courses are breastfeeding friendly so please go ahead and feed your child in whatever way you want at anytime they want.  We don't consider this a distraction from classes as we know at home when you're feeding your child you're probably doing twenty other things too.

If your child is upset - don't stress!  If you were at a group and your baby cried, you would pick them up and meet their needs to comfort them.  Do the same at a BaB Course.  Remember all the students have their children with them too - they know the score.  You will never be asked to leave a class if your child is having an epic meltdown.  Its up to you how you want to handle the situation.  Sometimes it can take a while for a child to warm up to any environment.  The childcare practitioners won't drag your child away to do their activities, but will smile and make contact and wait for them to approach.  You maybe surprised how quickly a child can gain confidence to step away when they are given the space to do it in their own time.

 03  What age children can come?

We are considered a child to be up to and including the age of 13.  The youngest baby to have attended a BaB Course was just 8 weeks old.  If you're ready then we're ready to support you.​


 04   How many children can I bring?

If you have more than one child you intend to bring please contact us. We will normally be able to accommodate more than one - however we need to know for health and safety reasons.  We trust that if you can handle it at home you can handle it at a BaB Course.  We do not charge for additional children attending but it is essential we know in advance and that it is not abused - e.g. turning up with all your children, their cousins and your neighbours kids. 

 05  Can I do a taster lesson before committing?

Some tutors may open up their last class of the course to invite perspective students to watch.  Not all tutors offer this though as it depends on lots of factors like venue capacity and the nature of the class.


 06  What happens if I need to miss a class?

Courses are paid for in full upfront.  This covers the cost of the venue, your tutor, the childcare practitioner, course equipment, insurance and more.  If you or your child are unable to attend talk to your tutor about how to catch up, but there are no refunds for a missed class.  This is very normal if you are booking any other type of course.