Family Photography as Art


  1. Book a private course.
  2. 4 or more parents
  3. 1 to 2 children per adult.
  4. Choose a time and location convenient to you.
  5. We take care of everything 
Prices start from £370 per parent

Photography is an art form and its an expressive way to capture you and your families style.  Having a baby is the perfect time to learn this skill and capture your memories with the touch of a professional


This 6 week photography course is designed especially for parents  You will learn how to get the most out of your digital camera and get the best shots of your family and the best bit is your favourite subject is there too!  


Suitable for parents with babies, crawlers, toddlers and up.  

Your tutor is professional photographer, Tom Gregory, co-founder of Tag Photo.


Tom will be accompanied by experienced play workers who focus their entire attention on your children.  Read our reviews to find out more about how a Bring a Baby Course is the ultimate guilt free time where you get to use your baby brain.

What you need:

  • An SLR or bridge camera with some manual controls

  • Your child

  • An open attitude to learning

What to expect:

Week 1 - Painting with Light

  • Take a great picture in any type of light

  • Getting the perfect exposure in tricky situations

  • Using light indoors and outdoors

  • Dramatic lighting for that extra sparkle

Week 2 - The Art of Composition

  • Use effective composition to grab the viewer's eye

  • Be in charge of focus - choosing your focal point for best effect

  • Classical composition rules - how use them and when to break them

  • Creative viewpoints - add drama to your photos

  • Trusting your instincts

  • Doing what is beautiful to you

Week 3 - Blurry Background and master the shutter

  • Make your portraits pop with a blurry background

  • What is Aperture and why would you change it.

  • Keep the background in focus when you need it.

  • Fix your shutter speed - the most common cause of blurred pictures

  • Get sharp photos of moving children

  • Experiment with movement blur for artistic photos

Week 4 - Editing your images


  • Simple editing techniques that enhance the beauty of your photos

  • How to work with colour control

  • Sharpen your photos

  • Manipulate the light

Week 5 - Portrait Week


  • Our famous mini studio week where set up studio lights and background

  • What makes a good portrait?

  • Posing for kids

  • Posing for groups

  • Alternatives to 'cheese'

Week 6 - Bringing it All Together


  • Review your photos from Portrait Week

  • How to organise your photos so you can find them again!

  • Simple photo editing

  • Displaying your work

Your tutor Tom

With extensive experience documenting street style fashion and queer communities, Tom has been featured in: Notion, King Kong, Sukeban, Elle UK, i-D Online, Atlas, Contributor and Timeout Beijing.

Tom has an eye for capturing candid beauty and loves to bring this out in everyday moments. 

The venue - e.g. Coffee & Crayons


We help to pick a fab vanue in or around Finchley for this course - like Coffee & Crayons Café which was created as a fun meeting point with a warm homely feel and above all somewhere that the children could be entertained. 

We will work with the venue to arrange a suitable time and ensure everything is perfect for you and your fellow students.

Tom is a new tutor with us - read our testimonials for our Creative Family Photography Course in Hillingdon/Harrow

Debbie - January 2018 - 5*

I just completed the Creative Family Photography course. It was great to finally have the opportunity to learn more about my camera whilst my little one was with me, but happily being entertained by the brilliant play worker. The trainer was great and helped to break down the key topics in helpful notes and examples. She also offered great practical tips for family photography. I loved the mix of theory and practical and the encouragement to share photos with the group outside of classes to keep momentum. I certainly feel more confident and am really pleased with the difference in photographs already. My little one really enjoyed the activities too - painting, play dough, puppets, singing and storytelling - she had a great time. BaB courses are offering something really special for parents and children - a worry/guilt free opportunity to be creative and experience something new together that lifts your soul. Thank you.

Cigdem - January 2018 - 5*

I recently completed the Creative Photography Course by BAB courses. It was so much fun to finally learn what my camera is capable of. I use my camera more confidently now. The best part was my 11-week old baby (that was how old he was when he started!) was excellently taken care of.

Bring a Baby is a great concept, and Helen runs it with so much energy. Being a new mother, I greatly appreciated those 1.5 "normal" hours.

Crystal - January 2018 - 5*

I recently completed the creative family photography course and highly recommend it. I've been using my SLR on auto mode for so long and finally know how to work it! The BAB team have something unique and wonderful - being able to take children along and have them entertained and cared for without having to worry about leaving them was really refreshing. Especially for those with young babies. The children were always welcome to approach us if they needed to but generally didn't as they were having so much fun and we got to focus on the course. The children are carefully considered each week and age appropriate activities and care provided for them. My 3yo daughter asks to go even though the course has ended. Thanks BAB Courses!

Jess - September 2017 - 5*

I really enjoyed the 6 week photography course and have definitely improved my understanding of my camera and picked up tips to take better pictures. I think the best part was knowing that my little one was in the same room and safe hands and could come to me when she wanted. I felt relieved that gradually over the weeks, she got more settled and needed me less so it gave me confidence that I didn’t have to hold her all the time and I didn’t have to feel guilty not doing so! The course was also a great way to meet new people (big and small!) so a big thanks to tutor Jenny and play worker Helen.

Stephanie - September 2017 - 5*

I recently completed the creative family photography course run by Bring a Baby, courses for adults. I have wanted to learn how to really use my camera to its potential for a while, rather than just take pictures in auto mode. But being a stay at home mum meant I didn't think I would be able to do anything until my children were in education. So I was pleasantly surprised to come across the Bring a Baby company. They ran a course I wanted to attend, while providing childcare assistance. I had the security of having my baby in the room with me while learning, but the comfort of having someone watching over my baby so I could concentrate on learning, and if at any point my little one needed me, I was there for him. I found Jenny the course teacher both friendly and approachable. The course gives you knowledge in how to use your camera and take more of the type of shots you want to. Helen the BAB manager is a natural with children and was brilliant with my little one, and the childminder was great too. I would highly recommend this course and Bring a Baby, I am already looking for my next course to sign up to.

Family Photography as Art 6 week Course   

from £370 per parent 

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