Family Beginners Spanish

Saturdays 11 a.m.- 12 p.m.

16th Sept - 14th Oct

5 week course


Harrow College Lowlands Road



for 1 adult & up to 2 children

This course is for you and your children to learn beginners Spanish. The pace is set so you will all gain a new skill and adults will have the opportunity to take home tools and exercises to encourage continued learning at home. The opportunity is to learn together.  That's a pretty unique experience and you'll be able to see what engages your child in the classroom as well as show them your enjoyment of learning!  

We're often told our biggest responsibility as a parent is being a role model, and by taking part in a class with your child is a great way to show them what a love of lifelong learning means.


Babies and toddlers welcome and as a BaB Course there will be plenty to occupy them while you and older children are learning. There will be at least one childcare practitioner (1:5) to help support and entertain the younger ones.

As a Saturday course, there is a limit of being able to bring 2 children (up to 13 yrs old) per paying adult. 


2 adults booking with 2 children can receive a £40 discount on the total.  This means instead of £125 per adult it is £105 per adult.  Enter FAMILY4 at the checkout for the discount to apply.  If you are using the discount code during the Early Bird offer the total is just £190 or £95 per adult.

Week One

Introductions and getting to know each other. Where you’re from / your family / hobbies / asking / giving names.


Week Two

Getting around - asking directions / airport / station / hotel scenarios / buying tickets / asking the time.


Week Three

Shopping, eating and drinking - shopping scenarios, café where you’ll learn how to order food, express your likes/dislikes.


Week Four 

Grammar basics – gender / number agreement / tenses / diminutives.


Week Five

Spanish culture looking at features / customs / culture / food / festivals from various parts of the Hispanic world.

Our tutor is Katia, who teaches Spanish at a Harrow Infant and Junior School.  If you enjoy the class and would like to continue learning Katia is planning step on classes in the Autumn term.

As a BaB Course you need to Bring A Baby.  We consider your babies up to and including 13yrs old. 


The youngest to attend a BaB Course was just 8 weeks old!