Climbing Workshop

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We've teamed up with Harrowall to bring you an exciting climbing experience.  Join us and up to 8 other parents to:

  • get your blood pumping

  • challenge your nerve

  • give you an amazing sense of physical and mental achievement

  • AND you will still be in reach of your children.

This hour and a half session will take you through the basics but also to breath taking heights - this is not for people who experience vertigo! 

The instructors are expecting that your children will need you at points - and will support you getting to them as quickly as possible.

What to expect
  • Complete the health and safety paperwork in advance.  We will send you details.

  • No climbing shoes necessary.  Wear trainers and long trousers/leggings and a T-shirt. (no flip flops)

  • Come and meet the playworkers and settle in.

  • Meet your instructor.

  • Get strapped up - you'll be wearing harnesses.

  • First up is learning and getting used to auto-belays. 

  • Meet the challenge of the walls - lots of specialist walls.

  • Conquer your fears with the yellow pencils! Can you reach the top, balance and then jump!

  • Finally - for the ultimate rush complete the session with the drop slides! 

  • Enjoy!

And while you climb our team of playworkers will be on hand to entertain your little ones in the lovely soft play area that is a part of the Harrowall Center.  

Our moto is to support not separate.  This means if your child needs you there are no barriers.  If they are upset give them a cuddle or if they need a feed - no problem.  All your fellow students will have their children with them too so everyone is on the same page.

Being able to do something for me whilst not feeling guilty about it because my 2 year old was having just as much fun!




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September 2017

Climbing Workshop


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