Become a BaB Tutor

Do you have a skill or business you would like to promote?  If a good percentage of your clients are parents BaB Courses could be a good fit.


We help to expose you and your business to local parents and offer them an opportunity to get to know you through either a course or a workshop.  Often parents are keen to know more but are time poor due to family commitments.  We help solve that problem by ensuring they are able to experience something for themselves guilt free.

BaB Courses pays for your prep and class time, as well as the venue and play worker costs.  You take on no risk by giving it a go!

   We take care of:

  • Class planning for the children

  • Play worker support

  • Health and safety

  • Pricing structure

  • Venue choice

  • Getting your DBS check

When promoting the class, BaB Courses uses print, social media and paid search amongst other growing opportunities.  We ensure links to your website and contact details are included.  We also believe firmly in co-promoting so you'll see us sharing and promoting our tutor's business on our social media feeds.


Tutor Testimonials

My&Me Jewellery -  Maxine Taylor November 2017

We approached BaB Courses early after its launch as we immediately saw a fit with our personalised jewellery business. 


BaB Courses spent time with us planning the shape of the workshop, pricing structure and the result was a system where we benefited from BaB Course's marketing plan, as well as be paid for our prep and class time.  BaB Courses uses social media, paid search and more and we always get a name drop.


Our first workshop was a huge success with 5* reviews.  The children, which BaB Courses managed, had a fantastic time and we didn't need to do anything other than the health and safety considerations during planning.


As a result of that first workshop we have had bookings for our own workshops (children not included) - so not only did we get paid for our time, but also got new business.

Tiny Shoots Photography -
Jenny Burrows December 2017


With BAB courses it was really easy for me to teach a course.  I could share my knowledge and passion for photography without having to bother about hiring rooms or finding students, and the childcare Helen provided was brilliant at allowing the students to concentrate on the photography with their children still in the room.